12/02/2022  |  PR NEWS WIRE

Principle LTC named “Best of Kentucky in Nursing and Rehabilitation”

12/02/2022  |  LTC HEROES PODCAST

Principle LTC named “Best of Kentucky in Nursing and Rehabilitation”

Scott Gibson, Essex Nursing and Rehabilitation’s Assistant Administrator, recently joined the LTC Heroes podcast to discuss the future of long-term care and how today’s youth will be the key to change and reform. “This next generation has compassion, positive energy, and the ability to change,” he told Experience Care‘s Peter Murphy Lewis.

On the show, Gibson explained the importance of identifying roles that suit the young individuals interested in entering the industry. “And there are so many options in long-term care that allow them to be creative or get involved in activiites,” he said. “The key is to find what each person is passionate about.”

The Assistant Adminitstrator also took the time to discuss with Lewis the challenges that long-term care faces and the need to take a step back and look at things from a holistic perspective. “You have to stay optimistic, or there will always be that negative atmosphere,” he said. “We do have some things in the industry that may need to change, like pay scales and corporate structure, but the future is bright.”

You can listen to the entire interview below: